Drugs, Sex, and Alcohol: Can Teens Make Responsible Choices?

To do or not to do. That is the question teens are facing today. Drugs, sex, and alcohol are among the scariest choices teens are making in our society. Many parents are scared senseless, not knowing if their teen will succumb to these bad decisions. Some are not even sure if teens, with their limited experience, are capable of making responsible [...]

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The Differences Between Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

A drug problem is an everyday struggle of not only the user, although some users haven't realized yet that it is a problem, but the users family, friends, or special loved [...]

Uncommon Useful Drugs That Are Abused by the Society – Drug Abuse

Drug A drug is a naturally occurring or a chemically synthesized substance that produces physiological effects on humans and other animals. They can be categorized [...]

How Drug Abusers Think – Help Get Addicts to Rehab Faster by Understanding Why They Avoid Rehab

Does drug abuse exist primarily in the mind of the abuser or is drug abuse society's problem? Somewhat of a philosophical question, agreed. Let's get right down into the [...]